Supporting Fair Trade practices in higher education

Fair Trade practices positively impact the lives of farmers and their families across the world – raising the standards of living and offering development in their communities. Gourmet Dining is committed to the Fair Trade social movement, collaborating with our higher education clients to support campus initiatives, outreach and educational activities, as well as through our purchasing commitments with Fair Trade companies, like Sun Coffee Roasters. Sun Coffee Roasters is one of the most technologically advanced roasters and packagers of sustainable, Fair Trade coffee in the United States, dedicated to providing consumers with delicious, sustainable coffee while pursuing total transparency from bean to cup. They source coffee beans from certified organic, rainforest, and Fair Trade cooperatives worldwide. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of their coffees goes back to our clients in the form of student scholarships 

In addition, Gourmet Dining presents guest lectures on current issues within the Fair Trade movement and offers faculty a full curriculum on sustainable and Fair Trade practices designed to enhance classroom study in a variety of subjects, including business, sociology, economics and hospitality management.