“As a marketing communications intern, I’ve had the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in school to help support Gourmet Dining’s marketing initiatives at Rowan University. My hands-on experience has exposed me to all aspects of food service management within a University setting, while teaching me the skills and confidence to implement marketing strategies on my own. From content development to social media campaigns, the knowledge I’ve gained has well-positioned me for a successful career in marketing. I am grateful to the Gourmet Dining Management Team at Rowan for their mentorship and on-the-job training.”

~ Simone Fowler, Marketing Communications Intern, Rowan University
Gourmet Dining team members at Rutgers University-Newark.


At Gourmet Dining, it’s all about our clients, the students we serve and our associates. Our management team collaborates with clients to establish a foundation built on strong relationships, clear expectations and open lines of communication. This approach allows us to create the highest quality, most innovative and custom-designed dining programs for each of our client’s individual needs. Since the company was established in 1987, we have a 100 percent client retention rate.

Our chefs and cooks take pride in the food they create and relationships they build with students, preparing meals from the heart and customizing orders just the way they like it. We offer a variety of nutrition services and menus designed to educate, inspire and empower students to make healthier choices. We have dedicated registered dietitian-nutritionists (RDN) on campuses to provide healthy menu planning, counseling services, presentations and seminars. We also engage students in new and innovative ways to enhance their overall dining experience in today’s ever-evolving digital world, including social media outreach, mobile ordering and instant mobile chat with our dining management teams.

Student Success Program

Samiksha Nate, Marketing Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology (Former Intern)

Gourmet Dining is committed to supporting students academically at the campuses we serve. We partner with faculty to offer internships across various disciplines to help students match relevant work experiences to their academic and career goals. From technology-based learning to fostering high-level relationships where their voices are heard, student success is at the heart of our culture. We thrive on the energy and excitement our students bring to the program, as we help them expand their classroom learning into the real world and build their resume for a future career at Gourmet Dining or beyond.

You First Guest Service Platform

Gourmet Dining is committed to helping grow and develop our employees, providing them with a world class set of resources and training to ensure their engagement and development. You First is a guest service platform that fosters a culture focused on guest loyalty. The program is built around people-centered service principles to develop loyalty and encourage our associates to deliver an outstanding service experience to our guests. You First has become a fundamental element of our organizational culture by inspiring and preparing our associates to serve every guest in a memorable way – every meal, every day. The basic principles of the program include a service guarantee, associate recognition and reward and ongoing guest interaction and assessment. The You First program includes a number of daily and monthly training tools for managers to deliver to our team, including Simply Rally pre-service meetings, Simply Rally 5 Minute Training sessions, and Simply Impress monthly training topics.

“After 3 years as a line cook at Caldwell University, I was offered and accepted a Sous Chef position. I gained invaluable experience working with award-winning chefs, Food Network Stars and 5-star chefs, and in 2016 was asked to be part of the opening of Rutgers Newark, as the Executive Chef. I accepted the position with open arms. Gourmet Dining has fulfilled one homegrown Newark kids’ dream here at Rutgers Newark.” ~ Raheem Griffith, Executive Chef, Rutgers University-Newark

Centers for Excellence Associate Training

Most associate training takes place at a Gourmet Center for Excellence (CFE), where trainees have the opportunity to observe best practices. A Gourmet CFE is considered a model account and serves as a regional training center. The regional CFE hosts New Manager Orientation, as well as other Gourmet-specific training programs for management and hourly associates. CFE training provides salaried and hourly associates with the necessary tools to operate a successful business by driving training efficiencies and consistency, building associate loyalty and encouraging internal growth and connecting with guests and clients to drive accountability, change and improvement.

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